Hello, and welcome to my blog! I’ll be sharing my favourite dog-friendly walks, things to do and places to visit.

One of my favourite places to go for inspiration for things to do at the weekend is people’s blogs, and very often, I discover somewhere amazing that no one seems to know about! I love sharing my experiences with other people and therefore thought I would have a go at blogging myself….

Our pack


This is Merry, our English Cocker Spaniel! He is the inspiration behind the @merrythecockerspaniel Instagram page (now @paws.explore.north) which preceded this blog. He is a typical spaniel, very bouncy and a bit too clever!


Coal is our black Labrador who is four years younger than Merry. They are like chalk and cheese – opposites in every possible way! We brought Coal home just before the 2020 lockdown started, and despite our best efforts he is still very timid around new people, and frightened of other dogs. His favourite walks are in quiet places where he can snuffle around looking for treats, especially in summer, when he can do his own version of blackberry picking!


Dog mum, hill walker, old person trapped in a 20-something body. My hobbies include dog walking, reading and going to bed at 8pm…

Dog friendly ratings

All of the walks on this blog are given a ‘dog friendly rating’ score out of 5. Dog friendly ratings aren’t just determined by whether or not you can let your dog off the lead – lots of other factors are considered including presence of livestock, water for drinking/swimming opportunities, whether there is any walking on busy roads, how many stiles need to be crossed etc. Make sure as a dog owner that you follow the Countryside Code – there is no excuse for lazy dog owners leaving poo or causing accidents with livestock!

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