Stanage Edge

We’ve just arrived home from a wet and windy weekend in the Peak District – that’s two birthdays there in the torrential rain, so maybe next year we’ll go somewhere else! After a quick walk yesterday morning before the rain came down, we had a cosy afternoon in our B&B, before packing up first thingContinue reading “Stanage Edge”

The Shivering Mountain: Mam Tor

Mam Tor, while not the largest hill in the Peak District, is one of the most famous. In fact, despite it’s nickname of ‘the Shivering Mountain’, it’s not even big enough to classify as a mountain. It doesn’t even make the top ten highest hills in the Peak District! Despite this, walkers flock to theContinue reading “The Shivering Mountain: Mam Tor”

A Weekend in the Peak District

This time last year I spent a weekend in the Peak District with Merry and my Mum. The Peak District was the first National Park to be created in the United Kingdom (1951) and it was also the site of the famous ‘mass trespass’ onto Kinder Scout which is largely credited as the start ofContinue reading “A Weekend in the Peak District”