Ingram & East Hill

Ingram is one of the most picturesque villages in the Northumberland national park, and also the start and end location for the Cheviot Goat ultra marathon, which Sam ran in March this year. We drove up the day before so that he had plenty of time to get to the race registration in Ingram theContinue reading “Ingram & East Hill”

Exploring Northumberland with Doxford Farm

Anyone who’s been following my blog for any length of time will know how much I love Northumberland. It’s got it all: sweeping stretches of sandy beach, verdant forests and windswept hills. Not to mention a rich helping of history and vibrant coastal communities where you can find the freshest, tastiest seafood. Therefore I wasContinue reading “Exploring Northumberland with Doxford Farm”

Alnham & the Salter’s Road

Last weekend we journeyed up to Northumberland for the Montane Cheviot Goat Ultra (Sam was running, not me!). Just after we arrived Sam got a text to say the race had been postponed due to a request from the local authority, but as we’d already travelled up and paid for our accommodation, we decided toContinue reading “Alnham & the Salter’s Road”

Humbleton Hillfort

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’ll know that I love a good hillfort trail, and nowhere are they more abundant than in Northumberland’s chronically underrated National Park. We’ve only recently discovered Northumberland’s wilder border country after spending years exploring the coast and more popular area around Hadrian’s Wall: we fully intendContinue reading “Humbleton Hillfort”

The Breamish Hillfort Trail

Nestled in the heart of the Northumberland National Park, the Breamish Valley is nothing less than delightful. The eponymous river flows gently through the valley, making this a prime choice for picnicking families, and the more adventurous can wander further to discover the ethereal waterfall Linhope Spout. For me though, the main temptation was theContinue reading “The Breamish Hillfort Trail”

Northumberland: North of the Wall

As I write this blog, we are just home from an incredible week in Northumberland, where we stayed near Wooler. None of us (dogs included) have moved a muscle all day as we are so exhausted from all of the walks we managed to cram in! We have ventured up to Northumberland quite a fewContinue reading “Northumberland: North of the Wall”